Do Every Action For the Love of God. He Is Counting on You

We must learn to be content with the small contribution that we ourselves can make towards a better community and world. The Kingdom of God is being worked out in quiet and humble ways. We need to learn to appreciate little things and small gestures. We may not have to be heroes or martyrs, but we are called on to put a little dignity into our own little corner of the world. There are little seeds of the kingdom that all of us can sow: a friendly gesture towards someone in trouble, a welcoming smile for someone who is alone, a sign of closeness for someone in despair, a little ray of joy for a person in distress, a work of charity in God's name.

Don’t underestimate your actions; you can add your part in building God's Kingdom. He is counting on you, this parish is counting on you, I am counting on you. Let us work together in this great spiritual parochial family.

May the Lord bless all you do and everyone you love. And may the Blessed Mother who always keeps you in her intercessions protect you.

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