Come to Work in God’s Vineyard

God comes to us and calls us to work in the mission of the Gospel at different times in our lives: for some people it is at a very early age, for others when they are advanced in years, but there is always a time when every person is called, and we need to be attentive when He comes.

Today's Gospel confirms that each of us, every one in this community of Christ the King, has a vocation and a role to fulfill. God’s call to us doesn’t go just halfway, but it takes the whole person and puts the faithful into action as a very important piece of the mission to spread the message of Christ's Love and mystery of salvation. We need to think and to act as real laborers of God's vineyard, as genuine disciples of the Lord, knowing that God wants every one of us to be truly active and produce fruits for His kingdom.

We are a very diverse community in many senses: race, language, politics, socialization, economics, age, and many other aspects, but each person is important, and every one of us has a role in building and keeping this parish vibrant, the effort coming from each one of the members of this dynamic and spiritual community of Christ the King.

It is not only our parish, it is not only your pastor, it is God who in His love and mercy has called you and is waiting for you to come to be a laborer in His vineyard. Remember that the worker's wage is the salvation in His glory. May the Lord bless you and your family with His love and mercy, and may the Blessed Mother lead you to Jesus' Kingdom.

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