Christ the King; He Lives and Reigns Among Us

This Sunday we are celebrating our feast of the Solemnity of

CHRIST THE KING and with this solemnity, we end our Liturgical Year. The Gospel for this Sunday brings us the episode of the Passion of the Lord; His death is proclaimed in the feast of his Kingship. We contemplate victory Jesus

accomplished at the very moment the Lord died. As much as Satan tried, using all of his power, he could not make Our Lord fall into sin. When Jesus died all the power of darkness was defeated, overtaken by the Holiness, Fidelity, and Mercy of the Lord with love and obedience to the Father who has infinite

power and cannot be overruled by anyone.

Today we not only want to manifest the victory of Jesus into the history of humanity and transform it into a History of Salvation, but we also want to allow this history and victory to happen in our personal lives, in our families, and especially in our parish of Christ the King. Jesus has to be really Our King, the one who rules every action thought and feeling in our lives. Confess to the world that you and your family are His by leading a Holy life where Jesus is the one who lives and reigns.

Let us also honor the blessing of being part of Christ the King Parish. Let us celebrate with gladness, let us rejoice in being part of this spiritual family, and to work together in the building, supporting and keeping this treasure, let us put our efforts together and be true stewardship of this legacy.

Praise and Glory to Christ the King and may His kingdom be established among us.

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