Behold, the Virgin Shall Conceive and Bear a Son, and They Shall Name Him Emmanuel

We are about to celebrate the fulfillment of the prophesies announced throughout the entire Old Testament in each prophet's life and message. The hearts of all were set in the promise and hope of Emmanuel: God With Us.

Advent has been for Christ the King Parish a time of moving things around in our very self and of spiritual change. There were many penitents who came to confession to restore their souls with the grace of God's mercy and pardon. We also have many families praying the rosary and praying the novena to our Lady of Immaculate Conception, and for our Lady of Guadalupe. Many parish groups have had their Christmas lunch and other celebrations sharing the happiness of the Christian season singing Christmas carols and reciting prayers. Both churches are now decorated and ready to receive the baby Jesus and sing with joy with the whole community of believers and all creation the hymn of Glory. So with all this, we can say: We Are Prepared Lord! Oh, Come, Oh Come, Emanuel.

Take advantage of this Celebration of Christmas. Jesus should be the center of your heart, family, and parish. Allow the Incarnation of the Lord to happen with power in your family; take time to pray with your family, to praise Him, adore Him, and love Him. Keep in mind that He is coming to save you. You are the only reason for God to come and live among us, to give his life as a ransom for the captives and to raise us up to a new and glorious life. As your pastor and in the name of Fr. Fernando and the staff of this parish I wish you a blessed and joyful Christmas filled with the light of the birth of Our Savior Jesus and with love for His Blessed Mother.

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