A Grateful Heart Abides in a Holy Soul

We say during the mass, "Let us give thanks always and everywhere." These words should inspire our lives and our relationship with God and our neighbor. Complaining and being grouchy only make us sad and bitter. We have been called by God to enjoy the gratifying blessings poured into our lives. The Mass is the perfect act of thanksgiving; re-member that Jesus commanded us to, “Do this in memory of me.” “Lord, give me a grateful heart.”

We live in a country of plenty in a world of want, a land of religious and political freedom in a world of ethnic cleansing and zero tolerance, a land at peace in a world at war. Yet we have to set aside one day a year to remind us to give thanks to God. “Lord, give me a grateful heart.” In giving thanks we grow in the love of God. It is in gratitude for these gifts that we grow in the love of the Giver.

We need to raise our eyes and see the wonders and blessings that we have in our lives; let us always be appreciative of all that we have because a grateful heart belongs to a holy soul.

I thank the Lord for each one of you, for being a blessing to this community. May the Lord keep you in his love and peace. May the Blessed Mother protect you.

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