In our gospel, Jesus is referring to some tragedies that happened in the history of Israel, but he says that those who died or went through those tragedies were no more sinners than the rest of the people. Jesus is trying to explain to the crowd that those who go through suffering and tragedies are not guiltier of sin than the rest of the population; everybody is guilty of sin. At that time there was the belief that if you had tragedies in your life it was because you or your parents sinned a great deal more than others. But Jesus is trying to say that it doesn’t work that way; all are sinners before God, and therefore all deserve punishment because of their sins. As sinners, God gives us the time to repent and get back on the right track before it is too late; if we don’t repent, we will be like the fig tree that gives no fruit in spite of the care of the gardener. A fig tree with no fruit will be cut down. Every day is an opportunity to repent; we shouldn’t be waiting until the last moment to change for the better.

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