This is my chosen one

In our gospel, the Transfiguration of the Lord, the voice of God the Father interrupted Peter and said, “This is my chosen one; listen to him!” What a good lesson for Peter and for us today; this is the command of God: “Listen to my Son, Jesus Christ!” He is the one to follow and to listen to. We might be like Peter sometimes; we might find ourselves listening to ourselves or others instead of listening to God and his Body the Church.

Jesus listened to God first, believed in him. Because Jesus is the faithful servant of God, now God is telling us, “Listen to him, he is my chosen one!” The Lord invites us to listen to Jesus Christ, his faithful Son; to always trust in his words and promises; he is the one to listen to; the voice from heaven didn’t say, “Listen to Moses!” or “Listen to Elijah!” or “Listen to Peter!” It said, “Listen to him, my chosen one!” If we by nature tend to listen to people, to believe in people (and we know people can lie to us), why wouldn’t we believe and listen to God who will never lie to us?

As we go through our second Sunday of lent, we listen to God’s word, believe what it says, and reflect on it; we also celebrate what we believe at mass. We know we stop listening to and believing in the Lord when we sin. May this Eucharist be an opportunity to improve our listening skills and believe more in what God is telling us.

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