Dear Parish Family;

Did You Know?

By Hiemer & Company Stained Glass Studio.

The Stain Glass Windows from Start of the Sea Church is one of the fines work in the whole world?

The Windows by Myer are classic Munich style Windows featuring architectural design elements at the

borders and realistic portraiture. Every piece of the glass in these windows is painted; most in multiple

stages. Each subject is portrayed in a classic manner and is resplendent with detail. The backgrounds contain decorative and symbolic elements. The details in the scenery add to the Biblical stories providing them a foundation in historic locations. These windows are of the highest quality and exemplify all types of artistic treatment utilized at the time they were created.

The choir window is equally magnificent. Unlike the German windows which feature ornamental details in the tracery and borders, these windows have a continuation of the scene moving into upper tracery. Borders here are simple rectangles but each piece is also painted. The portraits here are also beautifully rendered in a realistic manner.

The Willet window in the lower nave are high quality works as well but is rendered in a more contemporary style. All the subjects are

traditional portrayals as dictated by mandates of liturgical art for Catholic churches. What makes them more contemporary is the slight stylization to the figures and the use of larger pieces of glass lightly treated with pain. While the upper windows are rich in tone throughout, the use of lighter glass around the border of the lower

windows serves the very practical purpose of illuminating the nave.

This church contains a nice body of work that reflects relevant teachings in the church. The collection is of museum quality and represents changes in stained glass style from the late 19th to the mid 20th century. These works should be treasured and maintained both for their

importance to this faith community and their significance as historic stained glassworks.

Star of the Sea church stained glass windows is appraised at $1,695.050.

Next time you come to church please take a good look at this magnificent artwork for all of us to enjoy and be proud of.

My God bless you all.

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