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For The Sake of The Gospel

From the early years of the church, many people had died for the sake of the Gospel, for the love of God and for their faith in Him and in His church. After 2000 years of the existence of our Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, martyrdom is still hunting us in a more modern way;…
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Peter to be the shepherd of his flock

In our gospel, the risen Jesus commissions the apostle Peter to be the shepherd of his flock, the one Church. Peter, who once denied his Lord, now redeems himself with his answers to the three questions of Jesus: “Peter do you love me?” “Yes, Lord, I do,” says Peter; three times Jesus asks, three times…
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Christ is risen!

The resurrection is the reviving of a dead person to life again. Several persons that are raised from the dead in the Bible teaches that all persons are destined to experience resurrection, but the just will take part in the resurrection of life while the unjust will rise to the resurrection of judgment. In the…
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In our gospel, Jesus is referring to some tragedies that happened in the history of Israel, but he says that those who died or went through those tragedies were no more sinners than the rest of the people. Jesus is trying to explain to the crowd that those who go through suffering and tragedies are…
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