Yearly Archives: 2021

Remain In Me, As I Remain In You

The Sundays of Easter have been revealing the power of the Risen Lord, giving the testimony of his resurrection and presence among us, and placing in front of us our commitment as risen people of God.Easter teaches us that we are risen with Christ; we are sharing in Jesus' victory and Glory, and we have…
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You Are Witnesses of These Things. Jesus is Risen

As we continue to celebrate Easter we have been hearing many testimonies of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ: every story from the Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles reveals the power and glory of the Risen Lord.Lent is over, the pain of the passion and death of Jesus is overcome with the…
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We See the Light of His Glorious Resurrection.

Today we enter a great time of glory. Our eyes are set on Jesus' resurrection and we proclaim that we are risen with him! We all know that it has been a very difficult year for the whole world. We couldn’t enjoy the Holy Week of 2020 in its entirety; we missed the physical presence…
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