Monthly Archives: April 2018

the vine and the branches

In our gospel Jesus teaches the disciples by presenting a metaphor, the vine and the branches. He is the vine and the disciples and, through them, we are the branches. The vinedresser is God the Father who prunes the vine for it to bear fruit. Those branches that are not good He will take away…
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The shepherd

Throughout the Bible we see the image of the shep-herd. The first shepherd mentioned was Abel; the shepherd was often depicted as the self-sacrificing caretaker of sheep who was dedicated to their well-being and safety. The shepherd par excellence is the Lord who is the Shepherd of Israel, leading his people; no wonder Israel chants,…
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In our first reading today Peter tells the people to repent; they were deniers of Christ who didn't recognize His divine nature and that is why they preferred Barabbas. But wait a minute! Peter calling these people deniers of Christ? He him-self denied Christ! He was the denier par excellence! He denied Christ three times!…
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