Monthly Archives: February 2018

This is my chosen one

In our gospel, the Transfiguration of the Lord, the voice of God the Father interrupted Peter and said, “This is my chosen one; listen to him!” What a good lesson for Peter and for us today; this is the command of God: “Listen to my Son, Jesus Christ!” He is the one to follow and…
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Devoting more time to prayer

As we are now in Lent, I would like to share Pope Francis’ message regarding prayer, almsgiving, and fasting. “By devoting more time to prayer, we enable our hearts to root out our secret lies and forms of self-deception, and then to find the consolation God offers. He is our Father and he wants us…
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Jesus’ healing power

Our gospel is an old story recounted several times by the earliest Christians after Jesus’ Resurrection. There are other versions in Mathew and Luke but this one in Mark is the oldest one. At the time, to cure leprosy was not easy; it was even compared to raising the dead to life. In the book…
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