The Spirit of God Is in Our Midst to Strengthen Us

In this Third Sunday of Ordinary Time, Luke’s Gospel tells us that Jesus read from the scroll of the Prophet Isaiah and claimed He was the one whose coming was foretold by the prophet and that the scriptures are fulfilled in Him. He proclaimed, “The Spirit of God is upon me." Because of this claim, they will try to kill Him, but it wasn’t His time yet. God’s words bring life and we, as the Body of Christ, must teach them to others according to our vocational calling, all callings being important parts of the same beautiful Body. We are the Church and each one of us is important in the community and in the mission of bringing the Gospel to the whole world, beginning in our family and in our parish.

As they did with Jesus, many will hate us and try to kill us. Being witnesses of the Lord Jesus is not easy, believing and sharing our faith is a great challenge. But we also read in St. Luke, “Do not be afraid." What a great time to be Catholic and in the words of Ezra the priest-scribe: “Do not be saddened this day for rejoicing in the Lord must be your strength!” God is with us and we will have the strength for our mission because the Spirit of God is upon us.

May the Lord bless you with his Spirit, and may the Blessed Mother lead you and protect you.

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