The Blessed Mother Brings Our Needs Before the Lord

Today we find one of the most beautiful and meaningful signs of Jesus as the Christ, the Son of God. It was during a wedding that God began to reveal his Glory. The same thing should happen in our families, in our marriages. First, for each of us, the family is the preferential place for God to reveal his power and glory. Second, this Gospel shows our Heavenly Mother as the great intercessor before Jesus; she is the one who realized the need during the wedding. Today Mary is the one who comes and sets her eyes on the needs in our homes and marriages.

For our Blessed Mother, you are very important and her priorities are your life and needs. Did Mary know during the thirty years she lived with Jesus that she was living with a wonder-worker? She never asked him to multiply her bread, change the water on the dining table into wine, or double her money to make ends meet. Why didn’t she ask Jesus to use his miraculous power to help her? Yet she was quick to ask him to use it to help others. We normally say charity begins at home. But for Mary and for Jesus the needs of others came first.

Let us present the needs of our families to Mary and ask her to bring them to Jesus so the Lord will reveal his Glory in our homes and especially for the needs of your marriage.

May the Lord and the intercession of the Blessed Mother bless you in all your needs.

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