Our Lives Proclaim Christ as Our Only King

The proclamation of the coming of the Kingdom dominated the preaching and teaching of Jesus as well as his apostles. Now the proclamation of the Gospel has been entrusted to us; we have to proclaim the coming of the Kingdom not so much in words but with actual actions and allow Jesus to be the king in our parish, in our family, and in our personal lives.

Jesus is a most unusual King; he is a crucified King; and from his royal throne on the cross he extends his royal invitation to his subjects, If anyone will come after me he must pick up his cross daily and follow me.” The cross is the place from which he accomplishes the victory over sin and death; the greatest battle has been won with his fidelity to the father; Satan has been defeated.

Now we celebrate his victory with this feast of the glorious proclamation of Christ as our King as we finish the liturgical year. The pinnacle of our praises to God is to recognize him as the one who truly reigns. When Jesus reigns we renounce any and all sins and acts of darkness in a radical decision to glorify only our King and to please him in everything we do. Only in this way can we participate in his victory and Kingship.

Let us honor the name of our parish giving to Christ his place to reign among us, and may the Blessed Mother be the queen of our homes.

God bless all of you and may you have a happy feast of Christ the King.

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