May You Be Pure and Blameless on Christmas Day!

My dear people of God, once again we are embarking on a journey of faith with the Church to deepen our souls with love and faith during the season of Advent. It is a season of preparation, with penance, fasting, works of charity and prayer for the Coming of Christ. Historically, we know he came as a baby, born in Bethlehem, to be our King and to give his life to save us. During the season of Advent, we prepare ourselves to celebrate Christmas and also the Second Coming in Glory. The first three weeks of Advent will focus on the Second Coming, while during the last week, the liturgical focus will be on the immediate preparation for Christmas.

In the second reading, Saint Paul prays that you may be pure and blameless for the day of Christ. It is a great calling to holiness. So be prepared because this Second Coming will happen when you least expect it. Don’t presume your salvation. Come and walk with us on this spiritual journey. Our purpose is to renew our life with an authentic proposal of conversion, abandoning any sinful ways and any practices that spoil the grace of God. Christ is coming so open your hearts to him and ask your family to join you.

May the Lord fill our hearts and families with his love, peace and redeeming grace. As we celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, may she protect us.

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