Let Us Be Attentive to the Calling of God’s Word

The message of this Sunday’s gospel again presents Jesus telling the people in the synagogue in Nazareth that the scriptures are being fulfilled in their hearing. Their initial response to him is positive, but a change in attitude comes quickly as it becomes apparent that Jesus is not interested in popular acclaim but is asking them to repent from their wrong ways. He declares the truth to all and demands from our fidelity to the truth by leading a righteous life. He reminds his hearers on two occasions in the Old Testament when God used the prophets, Elijah and Elisha, to assist foreigners at a time when his own people were in need. The people of Nazareth were more interested in what Jesus could do for them than what he might be asking of them.

Today this word of God is alive and active and invites us to ponder where and how God is at work in our daily lives. It is always the Word that saves and heals, but if we are not ready to be challenged by it then we can either deceive ourselves by pretending it is what we want, or we can just reject it as they did in the gospel. Today, like them, we must ask ourselves if we really want what God wants—that is what repentance is all about. Let us listen to his Word and really live according to it. May the Lord bless us all and may the Blessed Mother keep us under her protection.

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