Holy Trinity: The Feast of God

This Sunday, when we celebrate the Mystery of one God in Three Persons, we are celebrating the very depth of the being of God himself; we are celebrating the Feast of God, the plenitude of the eternal revelation of God and his infinite love. As much as we try to understand the Holy Trinity, we, as finite beings, cannot comprehend the full-ness of this Mystery, and for that reason it is a "Mystery". But what is needed for our salvation is revealed through the Holy Scripture and the constant inspiration of the Holy Spirit. God will allow us to enter into His mystery and receive the knowledge of Truth that is necessary for our salvation: God our Father, creator of everything, the Son, Jesus Christ (who saves us through his passion, death and resurrection), and the Holy Spirit sent by the Father and the Son who sanctifies us in his fire, and gives us his seven spiritual gifts wisdom understanding,counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord or wonder).
The celebration of the Most Holy Trinity iHoly Trinity: The Feast of God
s God bestowing his immeasurable grace to us all and embracing us completely.
Let us do our part: let us adore Him, let us offer ourselves to Him, let us serve Him and let us love Him. He is the Only GOD - Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

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