Believe in the Gospel

How many hours or minutes do you spend with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ every day? Or every week? Do you read the gospel? Have you ever had the experience of reading any of the four gospels in full?

The message of this Sunday's gospel invites us to repent and to believe in the gospel. But how can we believe in the gospel if we don’t read it? We need to take our Christian commitment more seriously and set our eyes on the Lord Jesus, to come closer to him and to listen to him attentively. Don’t waste your time, don’t waste your life, receive the grace of God and be saved! Only in His words can we have eternal life.

We as Catholics need to grow in the knowledge of the Word of God. Every day we have to commit part of our day, at least a small part, to read the Word to nourish our spirit. One of the greatest needs we have in our Church is to develop a better and truly permanent spiritual formation, and today we have no excuses -- there are many tools at hand. What spiritual books are you reading? What catholic web pages do you visit to feed your soul? Do you listen to the Catholic radio station in this area?

I know if you are reading this message in our bulletin, I can assume you attend mass; but I invite you to go further in nourishing your soul; be a spiritual seeker, be thirsty for Jesus and for the knowledge of his message and mystery. Only if you know the gospel can you believe in it, and then you will love and serve Jesus, and you will be saved.

May the Holy Spirit give you wisdom and enlighten you with the knowledge of the gospel. May the Lord and the Blessed Mother bless all of you.

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