The Magi Journey, Our Journey

In our gospel, we see a journey, an exodus, a going out. The Magi, these mysterious characters, get moving, go far away from their land and go seeking the king, the Lord. The physical journey of the Magi hides a much more important and meaningful journey: the journey of faith.

This is the movement of the soul born from a desire to meet and know the Lord. At the same time, it is God’s invitation which calls and attracts us with His own power. It is He who gets us to stand up and sets us in motion and who offers us signs and does not cease to walk with us. We are called by God to go out and walk towards him, like did Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Mary, Joseph, the Magi, the Apostles, Paul… As the new people of God, we are the children of the promise and of the new covenant and are called to go out, setting out on a journey in the footsteps of the Lord Jesus.

The exodus, the walk of faith never stops. May the Lord help us to continue our march of faith. I hope you all had a Christmas and a New Year's full of hope and joy!

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