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May You Be Pure and Blameless on Christmas Day!

My dear people of God, once again we are embarking on a journey of faith with the Church to deepen our souls with love and faith during the season of Advent. It is a season of preparation, with penance, fasting, works of charity and prayer for the Coming of Christ. Historically, we know he came…
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We begin the advent season

We begin the Advent season--a time of preparation for Christmas, the first coming of God into the world, and also a time for preparation for Christ’s second coming at the end of time. The human being, unlike animals, lives in hope; we cannot live without hope, without something to live for; there should be a…
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Our Lives Proclaim Christ as Our Only King

The proclamation of the coming of the Kingdom dominated the preaching and teaching of Jesus as well as his apostles. Now the proclamation of the Gospel has been entrusted to us; we have to proclaim the coming of the Kingdom not so much in words but with actual actions and allow Jesus to be the…
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A Grateful Heart Abides in a Holy Soul

We say during the mass, "Let us give thanks always and everywhere." These words should inspire our lives and our relationship with God and our neighbor. Complaining and being grouchy only make us sad and bitter. We have been called by God to enjoy the gratifying blessings poured into our lives. The Mass is the…
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