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The Spirit of God Is in Our Midst to Strengthen Us

In this Third Sunday of Ordinary Time, Luke’s Gospel tells us that Jesus read from the scroll of the Prophet Isaiah and claimed He was the one whose coming was foretold by the prophet and that the scriptures are fulfilled in Him. He proclaimed, “The Spirit of God is upon me." Because of this claim,…
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The Blessed Mother Brings Our Needs Before the Lord

Today we find one of the most beautiful and meaningful signs of Jesus as the Christ, the Son of God. It was during a wedding that God began to reveal his Glory. The same thing should happen in our families, in our marriages. First, for each of us, the family is the preferential place for…
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Offer Your Family to God

Today we celebrate the Holy Family-- a family already filled with grace that went through unbelievable difficulties, trials, and struggles as we do in our families. The Holy Family, like ours, needed to make choices to love when it was difficult, to be faithful when the way forward was anything but sure. The Holy Family…
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Let Us Welcome Jesus in Every Child of God

We have been preparing ourselves to joyfully celebrate the birth of Jesus as a Child of Bethlehem. God gives us the gift of his very presence as a defenseless baby; he offers himself to us so that we can take him into our arms, lift him up and embrace him. In so doing to the…
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