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We Will Be Judged By Love

The disciples of Jesus struggle to discover the meaning of the mission and message of Jesus; they worried about dif-ferent things that are not the real point of Christ being in their midst, missing what real-ly matters. In today’s gospel they wonder who will have the highest place in the Kingdom. In the same way…
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Lord, Come and Touch Me

We constantly see in the Gospel how Jesus ful-fills the prophecy when he opens the ears of the deaf and restores the speech of those with impedi-ments, opens the eyes of the blind, heals the crip-pled, raises the dead back to life, and when his mercy ultimately takes away our sins. This is so much…
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The Church Is Wounded and We Are the Church

As a priest of the Catholic Church, the Church I proclaim as the Church with Apostolic Succession, the Church founded by Christ and in Christ, I feel in a very deep way, as most of the faithful, anger, shame, sorrow and grief in the face of the sins committed by so many bishops and priests.…
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Taste and See the Goodness of the Lord!

A couple of weeks ago we had the Children's Rosary Group praying with great devotion to the Blessed Mother for their families, for our parish of Christ the King, for their priests, for each one of us, and for our many other needs. We gathered more than 45 children and many of their parents and…
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