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Love God And Your Neighbor

At first, it was not clear what the love of neighbor entailed. There was an evolution in three stages in the history of the people of God. 1st Stage: “Neighbor” is kindred of the same race. The Old Testament already taught the obligation to “Love your neighbor as yourself!” In those long distant days, the…
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What should I do to go to heaven?

In our gospel, several persons seek Jesus to ask for advice: the rich young man, the disciples, and Peter. They all have preoccupations: the rich man: “What should I do to go to heaven?” the disciples: “Lord, who can be saved?” and Peter: “Jesus, we have left everything to follow you, what about us?” Jesus…
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In our gospel, we hear Jesus talk about this frightening place, Gehenna, a valley located south of Jerusalem that earned a reputation as the location of an idolatrous cult that performed human sacrifices. No wonder Jeremiah and Isaiah curse it as a place for those who don't do God’s will, for those who are rebels…
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Peter’s confession

Our gospel presents the first announcement of the Passion and death of Jesus to the Disciples with Peter trying to eliminate the Cross, and the teaching of Jesus concerning the consequences of the Cross, for those who wished to be His Disciples. Peter does not understand the proposal of Jesus concerning the Cross and suffering.…
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